Performer & Teacher of Flute, Piano and Recorder

Ashland flutist Sherril Wood is delighted to introduce others to the joy of music, both as a performer and as a teacher. She maintains a busy teaching studio at her home while performing regularly in some of Southern Oregon and California's finest professional ensembles.

Sherril began her own musical journey with piano lessons at age 5 and flute at age 9. She continued to study both instruments through college, culminating in a Master of Music degree from Boston’s prestigious New England Conservatory. An expert in Baroque music, she performs regularly on historic instruments as well as on the silver flute. She teaches flute, baroque flute, recorder, and piano to students of all ages and at all levels.


Music Lessons for All Ages

Remote Learning

Although nothing can replace in-person lessons, there are times when online lessons are safer or more convenient. Sherril is happy to work with her students using FaceTime or Zoom. Please call for scheduling options.

Flute Lessons

From age 8 through 80+, the silver flute is a beautiful and satisfying instrument to learn. Whether your goal is to join your school band, play chamber music, or simply learn something new, the making of music on the flute gives enormous rewards.

Baroque Flute Lessons

The eighteenth century was a golden era of the transverse flute. Bach, Handel, Telemann, Vivaldi, and so many other composers wrote music for this lovely, one-keyed instrument. Students learn not only the unique fingerings of the instrument, but the performance practices which give the baroque flute its soulful sound.

Recorder Lessons

The recorder gives children and adults the opportunity to learn music fundamentals with a relatively low financial investment. Plastic recorders are inexpensive and sound great! For those adults who want to go further, Sherril offers coaching in Baroque style and performance practices.

Piano Lessons

Sherril teaches beginning piano to children and adults. Students learn to read music right away, using proper hand techniques. All musical styles are explored, from classical to jazz.


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Performance Videos

Los Angeles Flute Orchestra
"Karpaty" by Peter Senchuk — 2014 channel